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Bearcats Inexplicably Open As 13.5 Point Favorite Over SMU

The Bearcats are, by any objective measure, not a good football team. Las Vegas thinks the Bearcats are almost two touchdowns better than the Mustangs.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

That says as much or more about the Mustangs than it does about the Bearcats. We all know just how bad the Bearcats defense is right now. It is, by any reasonable measure, the worst defense in the country surrendering an average of 7.05 yards per play and 570 yards a game. SMU is right there with the Bearcats, allowing 7.10 yards per play and a (relatively) stingy 557 yards per game.

The difference is that SMU is just as bad on offense as they are on defense. That is why they are, by some measure, the worst team in the country. Dead last in scoring, 126th in rushing, 126th in passer rating, 127th in yards per play. The Bearcats are right there with them when it comes to the running game. But the passing game is still devastating, even with a less than 100 percent Gunner Kiel. This is a game the Bearcats should win, handily. But all bets are off right now.