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Tommy Tuberville Presser Recap

Thoughts in brief from the head coaches press conference yesterday.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

-- Tuberville doesn't expect the Bearcats to suffer from a look ahead to Ohio State after how they played last year. That is a fair point, a UC team that was comfortably better than Miami really labored the point. That Miami game was one of the driving factors in the coaches decision to spread the field and throw the ball more

-- I find it interesting that Tubs was caught a little unaware about the Miami game and what it means to the players and to a lesser extent the fans of both teams.

-- Points to communication breakdowns playing a big part in the busts that resulted in long uncontested touchdown throws to Toledo's best receiver Alonzo Russell. Seeing both of them live that's was where I was leaning rather than Russell beating his man that profoundly. Obviously an area that will need to be cleaned up this week with Ohio State coming up.

-- "Tion Green has got to play better" Yes coach, but I am not expecting it at this point.

-- Still wants to get snaps for Gunner Kiel, Jarred Evans and Munchie Legaux