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Battle For The Bell Gamethread

It's time to put the RedHawks back in their natural place

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This is a rivalry game, whether UC fans want to accept it as such or not. That means that there is something on the line when the Bearcats take the field tonight. The Bearcats have no margin for error when it comes to making it to one of the access bowls. A loss to Miami would surely put that to bed. But its not that goal which has me excited about this game.

Its the fact that there is a palpable buzz for this game, and it is coming from the student body and the city at large. The Bearcats set a school record for student attendance last week against Toledo, and they have a chance to shatter that tonight.

Mike Bohn has said that the Bearcats goal for attendance is to top 40,000 for the game, and from what I am seeing early that is a distinct posability. With Octoberfest going, the banks always hopping and it being a homecoming game against the Bearcats oldest rival...that's an impressive cocktail.

I am ready, are you? Go Bearcats!