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Bearcats Could Be Breaking In New Starters Against Ohio State

In Tommy Tuberville's weekly press conference the head coach brought to the floor the idea that the Bearcats could be starting a couple of new faces in saturday night's game.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I think that it's safe to assume that one of those new starters could be Brad Harrah at defensive tackle. He is not new in a conventional sense, but he is new to the position and would give the Bearcats a new starting front. For what Its worth after rewatching most, but not yet all, of the Miami game the case is very easy to make that starting Harrah puts the Bearcats four best defensive lineman on the field. It gives them a pass rushing element at the second tackle spot that Camaron Beard wasn't providing consistently enough. Beard still has a role to play, which was discussed previously, but I am just not sure about him as an every down player.

Another potential new starter could come in the secondary. When reviewing the depth chart for the Miami game I mentioned that Andre Jones could wind up unseating Mike Tyson as the starter opposite Zach Edwards. I would be shocked if Jones was not the starter on saturday. Keep in mind that this is based on two things 1) my reviewing of the Miami game, 2) an unsubstantiated rumor from on OK source. I just think that Jones was better in the Toledo game and much better than Tyson against Miami.

I suppose that there are a couple other areas of the defense that could see some shakeups this week. But with Adrian Witty returning to health and presumably playing the defense should be close to full strength, which it was definitely not against the RedHawks.