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Deyshawn Bond and Kevin Schloemer Out Against Ohio State

The Bearcats will be turning to their third starting offensive line combination in as many games

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

According to Tom Gelehrter the Bearcats will be down two first choice offensive linemen as Deyshawn Bond and Kevin Schloemer will both be out of tonight's game. Bond remains out with the knee sprain that knocked him out of the Toledo game. Schloemer did not make the trip to Columbus. No further details were provided in Gelehrter's report.

That is a blow for the Bearcats as they face one of the deepest defensive lines that this team will face all season. The the other factor is that this game could slow the Bearcats down. The pace of the offense could be a weapon for the Bearcats, but being down two starters and moving in two rotation guys the Bearcats could really suffer from a lack of depth.

The flipside of that is that the Bearcats tend to be the best in the running game when they pick five and stick with them. Darren Hiller will have no real choice in the matter tonight.