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Bearcats and Owls Gamethread

Well, here we go.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It is an understatement of colossal proportions to suggest that the Bearcats loss to Memphis was a disappointment. The Bearcats played a team that was reeling from the controversy that is swirling around Josh Pastner, a team that seemed to be at the end of the rope, and that team pushed UC all over the court.

A week ago the Bearcats were near the top of the standings in the AAC with a win in hand against fellow front runner SMU. One week later and the Bearcats have dropped back to back road games and now sit in the broad middle of the AAC. Staying in that spot for the rest of the year would obviously preclude a fifth straight NCAA appearance.

To get back in a winning frame of mind the Bearcats have to start tonight against a Temple team that is much improved this year, a Temple team that boasts the best non conference win of any AAC team and a Temple team that is just as difficult to play against as the Bearcats are. All of which suggests that there is good reason to be concerned about this game, and I am concerned. But there is something about this team when they play at home. They are just a completely different team.