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Bearcats Blog Cast

After a brief break the three man pod game returns in top notch form...OK that was a bit of a lie, it was very, very good but as every boss in the world will tell you there is always room for improvement.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

On the podcast are the usual suspects, Scott King of Bearcats Blog and Chris Bains of Cincy on the Prowl. As is usually the case anytime the three of us get together there is an outline of topics that we stick to, with the exception of a couple of really strange digressions. And boy oh boy do we have a digression for you! Here is the rundown.

  • The news that Deshaun Morman has made his long anticipated and speculated decision to transfer known to everyone.
  • The Larry Davis EKU job and just when, or indeed where the Bearcats associate head coach could be heading
  • We talk about the financial details of the Under Armour deal which were disclosed this week.
  • The NCAA oversight committee and what impact that body could have on our beloved Bearcats
  • The strange happenings in Houston where Kelvin Sampson continues to do Kelvin Sampson things.

As always you can find the pod on stitcher and on iTunes. Or you can listen to the player embedded below. Enjoy the show!