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Bearcats Box Lunch: Cane Broome, Justin Jenifer, World Series Game Seven

The Bearcats have some good point guards plus the game seven we wanted.

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World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Six Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The internet is a big, wide open, scary place. Why should you have to dive into its depths and find stories that pertain to the Cincinnati Bearcats when we can do it for you? Here’s what the world wide web has to offer today.

In Bearcat news:

Reaching a bowl game isn’t an impossible task for the Cincinnati Bearcats, but its pretty close. (Tom Groeschen; Cincinnati Enquirer)

Cane Broome and Justin Jenifer aren’t the same type of player but they should make UC excellent at the point. (

Jake Tewart is a preferred walk-on commit for the 2018 class. (Shane Kinnee; Bearcat Journal)

In other news:

World Series. Game Seven. Hype. (Grant Brisbee; SB Nation)

Let’s play contender and pretenders with the 16 teams with winning records in the NFL. (Geoff Schwartz; SB Nation)

Who won the NFL trade deadline? (Danny Kelly; The Ringer)