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Clayton Picks All the Bowl Games Correctly: Week Two

A short guide to this weekend’s bowl games.

NCAA Football: Tulane at Houston Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

When I look into the future I see the following:

In the Jared Birmingham Bowl, the Memphis Tigers will dominate Wake Forest, just as Super Mario Brothers and Captain Lou Albano dominated television for 65 episodes.

In the Armed Forces Bowl, Houston will not be denied. If you look at the name of the game, you might think that Army would have an advantage. But they won’t. They won’t win even though they are a part of the Armed Forces.

Did you know that George “The Animal” Steele was once a school teacher? I did not know that.

Buffalo is going to give Troy what for in the Dollar General Bowl. I have never liked Dollar General. I find it confusing because it is not a dollar store and it is not a general store. I prefer to shop at larger discount department stores, m’self.

The SoFi Hawai’i Bowl will be duck soup for Hawaii, who will face Louisiana Tech in this one. This will be a home game. Even better, they have a fine football team this year.

I have loaded up on Jimmy Dean’s pork sausage and I am ready for a fine Saturday of football.