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The 18 Best Plays of Cincinnati’s 2017-18 Season (So Far)

The Cincinnati Bearcats are piling up the wins and the building blocks of those wins are some pretty incredible plays.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 24 Temple at Cincinnati Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There is still a month (or more if things go right) left in the college basketball season, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be appreciating what the Cincinnati Bearcats are doing right now. Sure, this team will ultimately be remembered for what it does in March, but right now, with 16-straight wins, a top five ranking and a defense that crushes worlds, the Bearcats are playing better than they ever have under Mick Cronin.

With that written, this seems like an apt time to go back and look at the plays that have stood out over the first 25 games, while anticipating a host of new ones to be added once the year comes to a close.

18. John Koz with the reverse

John Koz is not going to score many points for the Bearcats. These are the only two he has registered this season, but he put a little spice on it.

17. Kyle Washington has perfect form

Kyle Washington has a style all his own. Its not always pretty, but his often all elbows work in the paint gets results.

16. Gary Clark will score on you no matter how hard you try to stop him

If you have a big man who can sprint the length of the court with the ball and then finish while a defender tries to tackle him, you have a really good player.

15. Cane Broome is lightning fast

If Cane Broome gets a step on you, he’ll be at the rim dropping buckets before you can take a breath.

14. Stylin’ and profilin’ with Jacob Evans

The Bearcats score a boat-load of points off of turnovers, so sometimes a little flair is necessary.

13. Cane Broome isn’t fair

I’m pretty sure the guy responsible for guarding Broome on this play is still trying to catch up.

12. Keith “Klutch” Williams

After UConn’s Christian Vital hit a three-pointer to cut the Bearcats’ lead to single digits, Williams gave UC a shot in the arm (and an 11-point edge) heading into halftime.

11. Jacob Evans is the new Hot Sauce

If Evans is compiling an audition tape for the And1 Mixtape Tour, this should be included for sure.

10. Trevon Scott dunks a defender into oblivion

Hasn’t SMU suffered enough at the Bearcats’ hands?

9. If Jacob Evans is Hot Sauce, then Justin Jenifer is Skip To My Lou

I can’t tell if this is a play that actually happened or just a screen capture from NBA Street Vol. 2.

8. Keith Williams is available for a dunk contest near you

Some people just dunk on the fast break. Other’s throw some style in for kicks.

7. Gary Clark goes LeBron James on ‘em

There’s nothing wrong with a coast-to-coast one-handed hammer. Nothing wrong at all.

6. Jacob Evans sparks a comeback with a trip to the bank

When this one found the bottom of the net, you knew that the Cougars were in trouble.

5. Cane Broome and Jacob Evans turn Cincinnati into dunk city

Well that’s just not fair.

4. There are no buckets allowed in Gary Clark’s house

Even if you think you’ve got some easy points coming your way, Clark is here to crush your dreams.

3. Turnovers transform into dunks

Do more in one play, Gary. You can’t*

2. Jacob Evans only drinks ice water

This is how you take a game-winning shot. In this instance, Evans’ pull-up jumper sank Temple’s upset bid.

1. Gary Clark is a problem

*I guess you can. Honestly, if you don’t think this play is the perfect encapsulation of who Gary Clark is, I don’t know what to tell you.

What were some of your favorite plays of the first 25 games of the season?