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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 98 Joe Olding


Defensive Line| Letters 1979-82

The all time tackles list is almost exclusively the province of linebackers and the occasional defensive back. That is the case with the Bearcats as well. On the top 10 list 6 players played linebacker, three played defensive back, safety for all of them. The lone exception? Joe Olding

Olding played defensive tackle for the Bearcats and was outstanding he was twice named to the metro conference post season teams and is one of a handful of two time John Pease Award winners. But what really stands out is how phenomenally productive he was. 351 career tackles is deeply impressive for a linebacker. It borders on the unbelievable for a defensive lineman, let alone a defensive tackle who spends half of every game grinding through double teams. Those 351 tackles get Olding a spot on the list.

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