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Gary Clark Video Round Up

Taking stock of the newest Bearcat by trolling the depths of YouTube in search of insight.

What can be gleaned from 10 minutes of footage of Gary Clark making fools of clearly overmatched AAU peers? Two things really clark might not be an elite he has a knack for finishing plays in traffic and through contact. That is a rather minor skill in the grand scheme of things. But that kind of skill and agility in a 6'7" 215 pound frame is really rare. He is not a finished product on the offensive end, but he has the raw tools, it just needs to be refined.

The other thing that I like. His ability to rebound, push the ball through traffic and make good decisions with the ball. He is a willing and able passer in those situations, not something that can be said of a lot of guys with Clark's kind of game. He might not make the right decision every time, but he seems to know what the right decision is in most fast break situations. Knowing how to run the floor is a simple thing sure, but fast break spacing has been an issue for UC for most of the Cronin era.

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