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Happy Thanksgiving From Down The Drive

Show that bird who's boss.

There is a tradition that exists perhaps only in movies, where people sit around a table and say what they are thankful for. As far as I know that exists in that form only because I have never partaken in the tradition. Its not something that we do in my family on thanksgiving, it is simply too loud to have quiet moments of reflection. That is generally true if two members of my family get together, when 20 or 30 get together...well you get the idea.

So today I am going to say what I am thankful for to you, the readers of this fair site. What I am thankful for is Danny Fortson. You see if it wasn't for Danny Fortson I would never have become a Bearcat at the tender young age of 11. I would not have applied to, and attended UC if it wasn't for Danny Fortson. I would not have started this blog and I would not have gotten to know so many of you. Some, but not enough, in person, and some of you strictly in a strictly online sense. Regardless, I am thankful for all of the interactions and all the friends that I have made through this endevour. But to truly be thankful for that, first I have to be thankful for Danny Fortson.

Happy Thannksgiving everyone.