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Bearcats Overcome Eastern Illinois

Overcome is the right word for this.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

There was nothing enjoyable about this game, nothing at all. The Bearcats started the game sloppy, unfocused and disinterested. They ended the game sloppy, unfocused and disinterested winners. Yes, they won, but you don't want those three verbs to be your signifier.

At this point the only Bearcats you can count on to perform night in, night out are Troy Caupain and Octavius Eliis. Everyone else is a night to night question mark. Farrad Cobb is shaping up to be the most boom or bust Bearcat in a very long time. He followed up his breakthrough game against Murray State with 4 points on 0 of 5 shooting with an assist to turnover ratio of 1.

Mick keeps saying that it will take time for the Bearcats to find their feet, and he is right. But the signs of them finding their feet are few and are between right now, and that's not good as the scheudle is about to start picking up in a big way over the next week.