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Four Factor Review: Bearcats Stop Eagles 59-50

While ugly at times the Bearcats showed more sustainable signs of offensive improvement

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Effective Field Goal Percentage Turnover Rate Offensive Rebounding Rate Free Throw Rate
Cincinnati 52.3% 22% 56% 44.2%
North Carolina Central 50% 16% 17.4% 10.9%

Three Observations

-- Lets start with Gary Clark who had by far the best game of his young Bearcat career. He was his usual ferocious self on the glass pulling down 8 rebounds, including two offensive. But the biggest difference for Gary was that he looked comfortable for the first time in the half court. Where his early games where characterized by a lot of aimless drifting and hesitant reactions last night Gary knew where he need to be, and more importantly when he needed to be there. Those are small details, but they made a huge difference in his performance. For the first time we got to see Gary Clark express himself, and it was great. I am really going to enjoy watching him.

-- This was the best performance of the season from the new look Bearcats offense. I know alot of people have been complaining that it is just the same old offense, but with more running around (an actual quote from a message board post). But it's not, when the Bearcats have a lineup with familiarity and comfort with each other the ball flies around in Spurs-ian fashion.* It doesn't happen all the time, but there are extended periods and individual sequences where you can see what Mick is going for, and they are delightful to behold.

*No I am not calling these Bearcats the Spurs, simply saying that the style occasionally matches the gold standard for ball movement

-- Its always nice to murder a team on the offensive glass, and that is exactly what the Bearcats did last night.