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Bearcats Win First Exhibition Against Bellarmine

It was never easy, but the Bearcats got the dub against the Knights from Bellarmine

Stephen Dunn

It can be very, very easy to read more into the outcomes of the exhibition season than is strictly recommended. For the most part the Bearcats looked as advertised, big, deep, athletic and balanced (for better or worse). They struggled mightily to defend the three point line against the Knights constant ball movement and crisp passing. Its for that reason that the Bearcats went into the half down.

The second half was a completely different story though. The defense tightened up considerably after allowing 70 percent shooting from the Knights in that first half they were held to roughly 40 percent shooting* for the second half. That was enough to allow the Bearcats to take control of the game in the second half. However a late run from the Knights brought the game within 6 points before the Bearcats got a couple of stops and made enough free throws down the stretch.

*Forgive me for estimates, statsheet is not available as I type this.

All in all a win is a win, but this year, more than most, these games are more about putting guys on tape at game speed and intensity to see how they held up. They are a tool to evaluate guys. We will see what they learned when the Bearcats take on Fairmont State on saturday.