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Bearcats Welcome Fairmont State

In their second and final exhibition game, the Bearcats take on Fairmont State.

Stephen Dunn

Fairmont State welcomes back four of their six top scorers from last season. Like with Bellarmine, Cronin views Fairmont State as a team that can push the Bearcats, as opposed to a team we should beat by 50. Here are Cronin's comments:

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Fairmont State's coach served under Bob Huggins at both Cincinnati and West Virginia. So that's something.

If you can't make it to the game, here is the live link ( Here are a few things to look for in today's matchup:

  1. Starting Lineup - Indeed, this will likely be something to watch all season. If the staters are the same as against Bellarmine, it may be safe to say that those guys are the true starters in Cronin's mind at this point. With so many young guys developing and growing at different rates, we may see a few different starting lineups throughout the year.
  2. Point Guard - Specifically, who is bringing the ball up the court and doing most of the handling. This may be a small window into who Cronin will trust throughout the year. Guyn and Caupain are easy picks here, but Cronin has mentioned feeling really good about Cobb handling the rock. Like #1, this will be interesting to watch all season.
  3. Gary Clark - Cronin said that Clark was fatigued and extremely nervous in the first game. The quicker Clark harnesses those nerves, the quicker he becomes a go-to-guy on offense.
  4. Intensity - The way this team will be able to compete will be through good ole fashion effort. Deshaun Morman is a given, but the rest of these guys need to maintain a high level of intensity in order to compete with the tough road they have ahead of them this year. Having a team full of talent should prevent starters from becoming content with their roles.
  5. Attendance - Attendance for the first game was 4,234, which I hear is a good number. With the Big12 watching,we need to make sure that we continue to fill the seats up. Yeah, it is just preseason, but we need as many numbers to look good for Cincinnati atheletics as possible.
-Daniele "Da" Bologna