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Four Factor Review: Fairmont State

Reviewing the Bearcats exhibition win over Fairmont State through the four factors of basketball

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports
eFG% Turnover Rate offensive Rebounding Rate Free Throw Rate
Cincinnati 50.0 18.1 43.3 65.4
Fairmont State 41.1 24.1 30.0 19.0

The Bearcats shooting went off a bit of cliff compared to the numbers that they put up against Bellarmine, but then again Fairmont State is a slightly more athletic team able to contest the Bearcats offense in ways that the Knights simply couldn't with their lack of size.

The biggest concern for the Bearcats right now has to be the streaky nature of their three point shooting. UC was a respectable 48 percent from the field but was just 2 of 16 from three with 7 different Bearcats putting up at least one three point attempt.

The encouraging thing from where I am sitting is just how aggressive the Bearcats were on the offensive end. They got to the line a ton, they attacked the boards with abandon. Until the Bearcats offense rounds into shape, which I think it will in the end, UC is going to have to win their big November and December games in the old manner, by hammering everyone on the glass and attacking the rim.