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Farad Cobb Commits To The Bearcats

The JUCO guard from Florida has cast his lot with the Bearcats.

Stephen Dunn

Putting Farad Cobb's personal history aside for the moment this is a pick up that I really like for the Bearcats. At the start of the spring recruiting season the number one thing on the Bearcats wish list was shooting / scoring. Cobb checks both boxes, and does so emphatically. He has 25 foot range and he shot well over 40 percent from three on 8 attempts per 40 minutes. I would gladly take that percentage at that volume. For comparison's sake last year SK took 9 per 40 and made them at a 34 percent clip.

Its not just that Cobb is a deadly shooter from deep, he is just a highly efficient shooter in general. In his one and only season of JUCO ball Cobb posted a true shooting percentage of 67.9% and an effective field goal percentage of 64.6%, both of which blow everybody from last years team.

Now it goes without saying that there is obviously an adjustment that comes from taking a major step up in competition level. The Florida JUCO leagues are shockingly well stocked with talent. 11 of the top 50 JUCO's in the country hail from Florida, but its not the same as live play in the AAC.

His shooting numbers will probably come down with the Bearcats, but so long as he can keep shooting the ball from deep at around 40 percent Cobb will be a huge asset for the Bearcats with his shooting alone. Combining that with his ability to run an offense and there is a plenty to be excited about with Cobb becoming a Bearcat.