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Indy Defensive Tackle Norman Oglesby Commits To Cincinnati

The Ben Davis product has been linked with the Bearcats since getting his offer at the end of March. However he has held off on making a commit until today when he called the Cincinnati coaching staff and made the decision to commit.

Streeter Lecka

As a Junior last year Oglesby racked up 45 stops and 10 tackles for loss.

Things To Like

  • His first step, its brutally fast
  • Scheme versatility. Ben Davis plays a ton of different fronts and asks their linemen to alternate between one gaping vertical attackers to two gapping block occupiers. Oglesby seemingly plays every position for them.
  • He plays low. Like really, really low.

Cause For Concern

  • Relatively new to Football, only three years of playing
  • Hard to imagine him ever approaching 290 pounds with his already well built frame

The Cincinnati Bearcats have had a ton of success in recent years with defensive tackles who are on the smaller side for the position. Tony Carvitti, Terrill Byrd, Brandon Mills (sophomore year only) Jordan Stepp* etc. None of those guys are the platonic ideal for a defensive tackle, but all of them had good runs at the position. Byrd was an All American, Stepp was first team All AAC this past year.

* Also a Ben Davis product

Norman Oglesby is in that category as well, which is fine if the coaching staff has a plan for him. The best projection would have him playing on the nose as a one gap player. There he can use his wicked first step and leverage to cause all sorts of problems for the opponents blocking schemes. Oglesby won't be an instant contributor, and he is a great red shirt candidate. With good development he can be a rotation player as a red shirt sophomore.