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Bearcats Shut Out Of NFL Draft For First Time In 7 Years

The 2006 draft was the last to be Bearcat-less.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Annen, Sam Longo, Greg Blair are certain to get extended looks as undrafted free agents. In some ways that is a better option that being taken in the last round because the player has the ability to choose their landing point rather than having it chosen for them. Kenbrell Thompkins is a perfect example of that process working out for the better. Hopefully this crop of undrafted free agent Bearcats has the same luck.

While it sucks to see the seven draft streak come to an end, be confident in the knowledge that it won't be two straight draftless years for the Cincinnati Bearcats. Eric Lefeld is a near certain selection in the 2015 NFL draft unless something goes drastically wrong for him between now and next May. I personally think Lefeld has a decent chance to end the Bearcats hilariously prolonged 43 year drought of first round picks. But that is just me.