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College Football Viewing Guide Week 1

What to watch tomorrow as we embark on the first full Saturday of college football

Streeter Lecka

Opening Shift

Main Event: Penn State vs UCF

A rematch of last years classic, the game that set the scene for the Knights dream season to come. Alot has changed for both teams in the last year. Penn State is embarking on the James Franklin era, while the Knights are moving on from the Blake Bortles era. Oh, and its being played in Ireland so its probably approaching halftime if you just rolled out of bed.

Of Interest: Ohio State at Navy

Mid Day

Main Event: Clemson at Georgia

Last seasons week one showpiece is back, though most of the stars of that game are gone. You have Todd Gurley, Vic Beasley and a whole bunch of new guys. Georgia is going to be an interesting team to watch this year. The offense will probably resort to the baser tendencies inherent with having a guy like Gurley. You hand him the ball until the wheels fall off, and hope that the wheels never fall off. Not exactly a safe assumption given Gurley's injury issues last season. On the other side of the ball Clemson might not have the star power they have had the last two  years, but they have enough talent to be one of the better offenses in the country with Chad Morris calling the plays.

Of Interest: West Virginia vs Alabama (for a quarter), California at Northwestern, Marshall at Miami (OH)


Main Event: LSU vs Wisconsin

I make no bones about loving watching LSU play. This despite the Tigers generally standing for everything I despise on the offensive side of the ball. The very lack of pretension is what I love about LSU, they are what they are. They win with defense, special teams and just enough offense to survive. Which is what makes their matchup with the Badgers so interesting to me. Well that and Melvin Gordon. Melvin Gordon is awesome.

Of Interest: Florida State vs Oklahoma State, Washington at Hawaii