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Bearcats Are Breaking The Bank With Their Under Armour Deal

For a while now we have known that the Bearcats deal with Under Armour would be significantly more lucrative than the old Adidas contract was. The whole reason the Bearcats walked away from the three stripes is that Adidas balked at the figure that Under Armour was willing to pay UC. We just didn't know what that figure was. Darren Rovell put the figure in the 5 million dollar range. He wasn't too far off.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

From the Portland Business Journal.

The university will get $1 million in cash and $3.5 million in equipment in the first year of the deal, according to a letter of intent obtained by the Business Journal through a public records request.

The 10-year deal includes more than $11 million in cash and more than $36 million in equipment, making it worth in excess of $47 million.


The quick math says that 4.7 million dollars per year  is greater than the 2.1 million dollars the Bearcats got from Adidas. That contract puts the Bearcats in pretty elite company. Here is the list of the top 10 contracts from 2014 and where the Bearcats annual haul would rank among them.

  • Michigan -- 8.2 million
  • UCLA -- 7.5 million
  • University of Kansas -- 6.4 million
  • Louisville -- 5.7 million
  • Tennessee -- 5.6 million
  • Cincinnati -- 4.7 million
  • Florida State -- 4.4 million
  • Auburn -- 4.3 million
  • University of Maryland -- 4.3 million
  • LSU -- 4.2 million
  • Ohio State -- 4.1 million

Not a bad haul at all.