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Report: Cincinnati Bearcats Likely Liberty Bowl Bound

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The Memphis Commercial Appeal is reporting that the Liberty Bowl is likely to pit the Bearcats against the Vanderbilt Commedores from the SEC East. The money quote is as follows.

If all goes as expected Sunday when bowl selections are announced, the 53rd annual AutoZone Liberty Bowl should pair Vanderbilt vs. Cincinnati in the Dec. 31 game.

I also find this to be interesting.

Because the SEC didn’t have enough bowl-eligible teams to fill all its bowl contracts — the Compass Bowl in Birmingham is left without a SEC team — the Big East contract with the Liberty/Compass Bowl calls for it to always play a SEC team. If one isn’t available in the Compass Bowl, it plays one in the Liberty Bowl, as will be the case this year.

All in all a good time should be had by all. Memphis is a badass in and of itself and the match up with Vanderbilt is certainly set to be an intriguing one. This is also a big deal for UC recruiting going forward. UC already has a pair of Memphis area prospects on board with Alex Dale and Nate Cole, and they got a big visit this weekend from Sheldon Dawson, another Memphis kid and one of the top corner prospects in the nation. If everything goes to plan the Liberty Bowl is a good spot for the Bearcats.