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Zach Collaros Rehab Is Ahead Of Schedule; Liberty Bowl Start Looking Possible

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Since going down against West Virginia I have been opperating under the assumption that Zach Collaros's time as the Quarterback of the University of Cincinnati was officially at an end. It seems that I have been very wrong in that assumption.

Now Collaros himself is on record in saying that he would not play in the Liberty Bowl unless he was 100 per cent good to go. The reasoning being that he didn't want to play as a shadow of his former self. Today Butch Jones effectively announced that Collaros was way ahead of schedule and should be near 100 per cent by game time on the 31st. The relevent quotes come from Tom Gelehrter

Butch Jones just said Zach Collaros is two weeks ahead of schedule with rehab. Walking now. Hoping he can throw & drop back next week.

and more of the same from Paul Dehner.

Butch Jones on ZC: "He’s walking already. We're hoping by as soon as next week he may be able to start throwing and dropping."

Needless to say this could be very good news for the UC offense which while improving quickly under Munchie has still lacked punch down the stretch of the season.