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Ben Pooler to the Cincinnati Bearcats

Butch Jones picked up another experienced linebacker for the upcoming season. Ben Pooler a former member of the University of Maryland program has joined the UC Football team. There is nothing available that is free and public yet, but there is this. I don't pay for Bearcat lair so I can't say it with absolute certainty that the player referenced within is Pooler. But i have been told that it is Pooler by a couple different people. These are people who usually have good information and know what they are talking about. Still you never really know with these sort of things. These are always very fluid situations. Last summer brought the Brandon Carswell saga in which he was definitely fleeing the probation ravaged USC program for the friendly confines of Nippert Stadium. Of course two weeks later he was staying at USC, to largely ignominious results. But for now lets just go with the assumption that Ben Pooler is a Bearcat and will be playing some linebacker. I will have some more up on this tomorrow so stay tuned.