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Better Know a Bearcat: Munchie Legaux

Munchie Legaux is a cool dude. Has to be. You can't have the name Munchie, rock dreads and hail from New Orleans and not be cool. He is thoughtful and introspective and always has something interesting to say. I suppose that it should be noted that I have never met Munchie Legaux in person. I am just sort of assuming that the combination of the name, the dreads and the hometown magically convene to create the worlds worlds chillest dude. People who answer to childhood nicknames as adults are always cool. I know a lot of guys with dreads and I estimate the cool dudes to assholes ratio among the bedreaded to be in neighborhood of 4.5 to 1. And lastly I have been to New Orleans, I suspect that most of you Bearcats have been as well. Did you meet any New Orleans based dicks in your three or four days in the Big Easy? No? Thats what I thought. So Munchie is the coolest cat alive and he needs an appropriate analog. It has to be Jake Sully, not the wheel chair bound ex marine version, he is a pushy little shit as a human. But as an avatar he isn't nearly as grating, in fact he's B.A.