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May 11th Jump Off

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Bearcat News

Competition wide open for UC’s No. 2 quarterback job | UC Athletics Blog
Competition for the no. 2 job has been wide open all spring Bill. Butch Jones said as much in the run up to spring practice.

2012 NFL Draft top 100 rankings - Mocking The Draft
Isaiah Pead clocks in at number 89. Keep in mind these rankings are for all prospects, regardless of class.

Bearcats Survive Slugfest Vs. Miami - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
The Bearcats baseball team moved their record to 26-21 on the year after beating Miami last night.

Track & Field Teams Pleased With BIG EAST Results - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
The BIG EAST Championships last weekend proved to be an exciting meet for both the men's and women's track and field teams, as both teams came out of the weekend with at least one conference champion.

UC's top 5 teams of 2010-11 - The News Record - Sports
Volleyball on top

University of Cincinnati Official Athletic Site
A couple of interesting notes on the battle for the back up job here. In the end I think it will be Munchie Legaux, but that is just a hunch.

Around The Big East

USF Is An Option For UF Transfers Chris Dunkley And Mike Blakely - Voodoo Five
USF and Pitt are surpassing UC as the transfer Mecca of the Big East

This is it: Elisha Justice vs. some Australian Rugby player for all the marbles - Card Chronicle
Pride is pride

Big East Expansion: The Search For More Money - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
I am not buying the notion that the current value, plus the long term growth potential, is higher for Villanova Football then it is for Houston or UCF.

Buzz to A&M? Why I'm Not Convinced I Should Be Concerned - Anonymous Eagle
I am not convinced either.

Nationally Recognized

NCAA president Mark Emmert says time to get tough on rule breakers - ESPN
The basic gist? The NCAA is going to spend more time and resources vigorously cracking down on problems it says it don't exist.

New contract is sign Xavier’s serious about keeping Chris Mack - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Congrats X. You keep winning the terrible A-10 every year and flaming out in the first weekend

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

Oscillatory Thoughts: We are all inattentive superheroes
I suddenly feel very, very lazy