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Cincinnati Bearcats Release Depth Chart For Season Opener Against Pittsburgh

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The first game notes of the 2012 season are out. And with those notes comes the depth chart and it is not without surprises. Munchie Legaux drawing the start is old news at this point. We all knew that was happening but there are some other interesting nuggets in there.

  • The offensive line is completely set at this point outside of right guard. Eric Lefeld at LT, Austen Bujnoch at LG, Dan Sprauge at C and Sean Hooey at RT. The start at RG will go to either Sam Longo (my pick) or Parker Ehringer. This offensive line would have been Zach Collaros's nightmare, the shortest of the bunch, Sprauge is 6'3". Also of note, there isn't a single big 300 pounds or over, get ready to run people.
  • Demetrius Richardson is the main back up behind Travis Kelce. Blake Annen, the presumed back up at TE, was slowed by injury in camp and doesn't seem likely to make an appearance in the Pitt game.
  • The WR spot is freshman heavy with 4 of the top 9 playing their first snaps, except for Shaq Washington who definitely played last year and yet is listed as a freshmen. Weird.
  • The lack of out and out size along the defensive front is disconcerting, even though it isn't likely to be a problem against a Pitt team that was dominated at the point of attack by Youngstown State. The biggest man on the two deep up front is John Williams, who makes powerful music.
  • Its been a strange year for Solomon Tentman who was the presumed starter at MIKE out of spring but now finds himself supplanted at the position by Greg Blair and has moved positions to WILL. The position move makes sense when you remember that Jeff Luc will play next year and will almost certainly do so at the MIKE.
  • Leviticus Payne is listed above Dominique Battle as the primary back up at the field corner spot. Injuries are a bitch.
  • No surprises in terms of special teams. Lots of Pat O'Donnell, Tony Miliano and Ralph Abernathy IV

As ever the full depth chart is available after the jump in pictorial form. What sticks out to you in terms of players included and perhaps more interestingly excluded from the two deep?


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