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Cincinnati Bearcats Depth Chart For Memphis

By this point we all know that the depth chart that is posted for any Tommy Tuberville team is nothing more than a rough guideline. Still, we proceed

Jamie Sabau

Cincinnati Bearcats Depth Chart vs Memphis

So, listed on this depth chart are Solomon Tentman and Cory Keebler. Solomon is unfortunately no longer on the team and Keebler is out for the balance of the year and will have surgery on monday to repair the ACL that he tore against Ohio State.

But at least the depth chart does acknowledge that Andre Jones is now the starter at the safety spot opposite Zach Edwards. There is also the matter of Ryan Leahy who was listed as the main backup behind Kevin Schloemer at left guard and is now the primary backup to Eric Lefeld at left tackle. That could just be an acknowledgement that Tyreek Burwell is now a part of the rotation at guard or that Leahy, who hasn't played since the Toledo game, is now part of the rotation at tackle. I would guess a little bit of both, but we won't really know until the game is over.