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Tuberville On Gunner Kiel "He Is Probably Going To Be Down For A While"

This season is rapidly circling around the drain.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

On the broadcast it was stated the that initial X-Rays were negative and that there was a slight chance that Gunner could return. That was obviously misinformation if Tuberville is saying that it could be a long time before Gunner gets back. In which case the season is done, there is simply no way for this team to win football games. not with this defense and not with Munchie Legaux as the starting quarterback.

This season is now unofficially over. The Bearcats will plough on and try to win what they can, but the goals and expectations that everyone had for this season are completely out the window. We have entered the play the young guys and get them experience part of the proceedings. Now pardon me while I go drink all the beer that I can find and pray for me to get to work tomorrow on time.