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Who Will Play Quarterback For The Bearcats; Munchie Legaux or Jarred Evans?

Tommy Tuberville confirmed what most of us expected after the results of Gunner Kiel's medical evaluation became public, that Gunner is at least a week away, if not more. So, who will the Bearcats turn to?

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From Tom Groeschen at the Enquirer.

Munchie Legaux or Jarred Evans will start at quarterback Saturday, with Tuberville saying practice performance may determine the starter. Legaux is a senior, Evans a junior and Kiel a sophomore.

Munchie has far more game experience than Evans. He is a former starter who has played in a lot of games. But he also has clear shortcomings as a quarterback. There are serious questions if he is good enough to make the Bearcats supremely talented wide receivers a factor against the Miami Hurricanes (or anyone else honestly). He is also no longer a threat to defeat defenses with his legs which takes away his best option to stress the integrity of a defense.

Evans is a complete unknown at this point given that he has only played about 30 snaps (give or take 10) all year. They did use him in the Shaq Washington package against Ohio State to great effect. But given how depleted the running back position is with Hosey Williams and Tion Green both out right now going to a more run heavy look against Miami would be a huge risk. There are no good solutions here, but I think that going with Evans is the best of the bad options. Who starts will come down to who practices better, thats a tip in Munchie's favor because he is a guy with an earned rep for being good in a practice setting.