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Memphis Tigers at Cincinnati Bearcats: Kickoff Time, Television, Radio and Streaming

The Bearcats open American Athletic Conference play today as the newly competent Memphis Tigers make the journey from one river city to another.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The good news is that for those Bearcats who are out of state or out of the area, like yours truly, CBS Sports Network is carried nationally. The problem is that CBS Sports Network is often buried deep, deep in your cable package. If you are on Time Warner Cable, as I am, chances are you will find it on 1322. If you are not a Time Warner subscriber you might need to do some digging online or on your cablebox to find it. Unfortunately CBS Sports Network does not do streaming, so if you are a cord cutter you might want to start figuring out what bar you want to go to. Or you can find a super shady internet portal that streams games. I won't mention any by name for obvious reasons, but they are not hard to find.