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Fort Myers Standout Daniel Cobb Is A Bearcat

The diminutive athlete from the Gulf Coast cast his lot with the Bearcats today.

Rich Schultz

Shaq Washington has two years of eligibility remaining, but the looming search for his heir apparent picked up another candidate today. Daniel Cobb is a diminutive and explosive athlete who does a little bit of everything for his high school team but is bound to be a slot receiver for the Cincinnati Bearcats. All of which sounds very familiar.

None of this means that Cobb is the second coming of Shaq; just that Cobb will be one of several similarly proportioned candidates auditioning over the next two seasons to be the heir apparent while Shaq makes his run at the UC career receptions record currently held by Mardy Gilyard, Dominick Goodman and LaDaris Vann.* Joining that pursuit will be Tshumbi Johnson, and Frank Labady, though there could be others who join the chase between now and then.

* 204 in case you were wondering

Cobb plays, at times, quarterback, running back and receiver for the Dunbar High School Tigers. In Dunbar's spring game yesterday Cobb had himself a day.

Dunbar's playmakers include Daniel Cobb who caught four passes for 106 yards and a touchdown while he competed 4-of-9 passes for 73 yards and ran for 25 more.

All in all Daniel Cobb is a good fit for the Bearcats at a position that isn't an immediate need. That will allow him to sit for a year, acclimate himself to college, and get to work in a college strength and conditioning program. In a couple of years he will be ready to challenge for the spot in the rotation that will open up in a couple years.

Welcome to the Bearcats Mr. Cobb.