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Rolling Through The Roster | 14 Ge`Lawn Guyn

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Ge'Lawn Guyn 14 6'1" 175 G FR

Last Year

Guyn is a native of Georgetown Kentucky, but he spent last year in South Kent Connectucut at the South Kent School. Guyn was originally set to attend Brewster Academy in New Hampshire but he wound up at Kent instead. In his one season with the Cardinals Guyn averaged 16 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists. Prior to Kent he played for Scott County and led them to the championship semi final.

2011 and Beyond

Guyn is one of three candidates to become Cashmere Wright's back up. One of the teams biggest issues during last season was the way that the offense would just flat disappear the moment that Cash headed to the bench. Cronin has to be looking at anyone and everyone who is capable of solving that problem. Guyn might be one of those guys.