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Cincinnati Bearcats Depth Chart For Pittsburgh Released

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If you were to ask the coaches how they felt about having a bye week just after the start of the Big East season publicly they wouldn't be happy about it. Internally it's a different matter. The simple truth of the matter is that after the USF game this team desperately needed a bye week. They were terribly banged up, particularly along the offensive line.

  • Speaking of the offensive line all eyes will once again be on Sean Hooey's ankle. Hooey is listed as the starter. But if he is still unable to go Eric Lefeld will get his 3rd straight start.
  • Jameel Poteat is expected to make his return from a concussion this week. This game will certainly have a different feel for Poteat. Not only is he a Pennsylvania guy, but he was a one time Pitt commit
  • Not too many changes for the defensive front. Same 8 man group it has been all year
  • Nick Temple has officially supplanted Ben Pooler at the top of the depth chart at SLB. This will be his fourth career start, all of them coming in the last five games.
  • The Injury to Dominique Battle leave Deven Drane unopposed as the Boundry Corner. The two had waged a season long competition. Drane's back up will be true freshman Trenier Orr who has yet to make an appearance. 

As ever the full depth chart is available for your viewing pleasure after the jump.