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August 19th Jump Off

The final five have been revealed in the Down the Drive Ring of Honor voting. You have until the season opener against Austin Peay to vote.

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Training Camp

Training Camp 2011: Pat O'Donnell Interview - Pat shaved his mustache. He must have just gotten a girlfriend.

Training Camp 2011: T.J. Weist Interview - We could see a solid 8-9-10 WR rotation this fall. Exactly how Butch Jones likes it.

Bearcats News

Camp: Butch Jones Q&A 8/18
Butch Jones details on the secondary after Thursday's practice. There's no question that out of every unit on the defense, the DBs are probably the most questionable especially at safety. While there is a full year under their belts guys like Drew Frey and Wes Richardson have been around the team for a while and aren't lacking in experience. Plus there isn't much push behind them to improve as only Pat Lambert and Malcolm Murray are their backups. The corners are set especially with Dominique Battle back this year but the safeties have a lot to prove.

2011 James P. Kelly UC Athletics Hall of Fame Class Announced
Huge honors for former Bearcats Sandy Koufax (yea that Sandy Koufax), UC swimming and diving head coach Monty Hopkins, Jason Maxiell, Lou Groza-Award winning kicker Jon Ruffin, and the entire 1960-61 men's basketball national championship teams were inducted into UC's James P. Kelly Athletics Hall of Fame. For the men's basketball team in particular, I'm surprised it took this long as they were by far the most dominant teams in Cincinnati Bearcats basketball history.

Six NIA Prep Athletes Denied Eligibility |
It's official now as Shaq Thomas has been ruled ineligible for the 2011 season because of questionable classes at Newark NIA Prep. This isn't surprising as Shaq Thomas was sent home about halfway through the Deveroes Summer League earlier this summer to take some more classes. What's interesting about this is that his ENTIRE graduating team was hit with the ineligible slap by the NCAA. This can't possibly be good for Newark NIA Prep either as the NCAA is going to have them in their crosshairs from here on out, too.

Recruiting - Weekend Watch: Great games start season
Warren Central will be a juggernaut in 2011, just like they usually are, but this will be a tough test for them as the as it's an early opener with much stronger teams of Indianapolis Cathedral and Lawrence North the next two games. You've seen how good Warren Central is as Down the Drive has emphasized it over and over again but this is a good chance for you to check out some future Bearcats in their last seasons in high school. Game's tomorrow at 7:30 pm EST.

Around the BEast

Wild brawl ends Georgetown’s exhibition game in China early - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
This is hilarious. Supposedly this game was incredibly physical and there were a few minor altercations during the game that caused some stoppages but basketball is a physical sport with guys in your face all the time. They don't have to be talking, it's just that physical of a game. Oh, and this little basketball game isn't going to screw up any relations between the US and China. I doubt Barrack Obama and.. whoever runs China now.. are really looking at this and saying, "Warm up the Nukes!". Give me a break.

Big East preview: Looming TV payday could lead to big changes - NCAA Football -
How true. Marinatto met with ACC and Big XII commissioners earlier this week to discuss expansion topics this year and next. To me it sounds like a desperate guy trying to talk a bully out of kicking the crap out of him. But if the Big East really is in a position of power like Brett McMurphy claims, maybe Marinatto was attempting to strike first to get an indication of how worried the Big XII and ACC are with a Tex-AM-to-SEC domino about to fall.

Around the Nation

Pryor got help paying for cars, lawyer says | Buckeye Xtra Sports
Not the least bit surprised here as former Buckeye Terrelle Pryor is again throwing his former school under the bus for his own personal gain. Classy. I mean he pretty much had to do it to be cleared for the NFL's supplemental draft (if that makes any sense) and he's clearly not smart enough to do anything other than work at Burger King with whatever classes he did take at OSU. The NFL is his only hope for a future paycheck but by and large I think his career is basically over.