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August 23rd Jump Off

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The final five have been revealed in the Down the Drive Ring of Honor voting. You have until the season opener against Austin Peay to vote.

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Training Camp

Training Camp 2011: DJ Woods Interview - Bearcats are going to need D.J. Woods to really step up as a leader this fall.

Photos from UC's Family Day - Guys are looking slick in those Tech Fit jersies. Wish I had one.

Training Camp 2011: Randy Martinez Interview - Mr McSaucy is excited about the O-Line. Definitely makes me feel better about it.

Training Camp 2011: Dan Giordano Interview - Depth + Experience = Talented defensive line unit. So excited to see what these guys can do.

Bearcats News

Cincinnati's Zach Collaros is Back on the Attack |
Good story about Zach Collaros' Greek heritage and his connection to his hometown Stuebenville, Ohio. He's the first person to take the blame for last year's offensive issues with turnovers and slopply. This of course is undeserved as the problems of 2010 is shared by every single player on that team equally. But don't tell that to Collaros who is so much of a leader that he welcomes blame just as openly as he welcomes praise. I think he'll have a big year in 2011 with the extra year to perfect Butch Jones' system as well as fellow senior Isaiah Pead in the backfield with him. Not to mention his favorite target, D.J. Woods, returning also for his senior season. Zach won't let the Bearcats have a bad season or he'd feel like he's letting down not only UC but his hometown of Stuebenville as well.

Camp: Butch Jones Q&A Day 8/22
Here's a quick rundown from Coach Jones at higher ground- He seems busy. Overall, the team has progressed but like most coaches say, isn't anywhere where they want it to be. His fasted paced, no huddle offense born mentally in the players by having them run between practice periods. As for the number two quarterback, the battle seems to be down to Munchie Legaux and Jordan Luallen. Brendon Kay is again out with an injury and seems to have slipped ot the #4 spot. A winner for QB-2 will be announced at the Austin Peay game but they will by no means be locked into that spot.

1200 Club Goes to Higher Ground
Members of the 1200 club got a chance to check out Camp Higher Ground this past weekend and came away very impressed with their 'investment'. The club has grown to about 185 members who donate a minimum of $1,200 to the program and pulls in about $250,000 in total donations for the football budget. It was created by Coach Jones to suppliment this budget and so far has been a great success. In addition, this fall, Jones has started the Captain's Club, which starts at a minimum of $12,000 dollars. Already boasting 8 members, this new addition should really help add much needed cash to football.


Monday Recruit Roundup: Week One - Down The Drive
In case you missed it, here's Matt's wrap up of the performances some of UC's high school football commitments over the weekend. I'm seriously not surprised to see Warren Central completely beatdown Merriville. Not taking anything away from Merriville but the talent at Warren Central just makes everyone else in the state look like lesser-tiered programs. I fully expect the Warriors to average only 1 touchdown allowed throughout the rest of the season.

Around the BEast

Versus will expand its college football programming -
It was always rumored that NBC-owned Versus channel would expand it's college football selection outside of the Mountain West. This could be big news for the Big East as they are approaching negotiations for a new contract beginning in 2013. The conference is currently tied into ESPN through the 2012 season but since making the contract other players like NBC/Comcast and Turner have expressed interest in expanding their college football coverage. With a new contract to be had, the Big East is the most likely choice to land on any of these networks. I'm actually pushing for them to go to NBC/Comcast/Versus as we can see more nationally televised Big East games on those channels instead of watching then on ESPN 3 at noon. I think the money on a new network would be comparable to ESPN but the exposure would be better.

Around the Nation

Terrelle Pryor to Oakland Raiders in supplemental draft - ESPN
... and they can continue a long tradition of unsuccessful Raiders quarterbacks. While most teams find it hard to snag a franchise quarterback the Raiders rival the Cincinnati Bengals in horrible quarterback draft picks. This is only the supplimental draft so Pryor could make the team as a backup but I don't think he really has the skills for the quarterback position in the NFL. The one person that doesn't agree with that statement is Terrelle Pryor himself, and if the Raiders decide to move him to Wide Receiver or something like that, I can see Pryor having a huge hissy fit and becoming a real headache in the locker room. Have fun with that.