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Report: Bearcat Basketball Players Implicated In Fight

Somehow I don't think that this was the start to the off season Mick Cronin envisioned. Fox 19 with the reporting. The relevant bits from the link.

Brian McLucas said he asked several UC basketball players to move from a section in the club's VIP area. "I know for a fact that they were UC basketball players because my boss told me they (were) whenever he said I'm letting these guys go up on stage and hang out for a while," said McLucas


The players apparently refused to move and became rather vocal at that point. "I said you guys need to calm down. And whenever I did that I looked to the right of me and right as I looked to the right of me I seen the dude take three quick steps and punch me in the eye," said McLucas.

McLucas was clearly punched by someone. Nothing but rumors at this point on who/how many players were involved in the incident. Obviously this is not the kind of extracurricular activity needed for a program still reeling in terms of perception from the Crosstown Punch out. McLucas is planning on pressing charges with the Cincinnati P.D.. Brace for impact people, another storm is on the way.

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