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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | April 9th

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Solomon Tentman is your new starting middle linebacker and it took a ton of work to get to this point. I knew that Tentman's injury as a freshman was pretty serious. But I didn't know just how serious. The list of ligaments completely torn; ACL, LCL, MCL. his PCL was partially torn, part of his meniscus was lost and lastly he detached ligaments from his fibula.

Today he is the starting middle linebacker for the Bearcats. That is a remarkable accomplishment coming all the way back from such a devastating injury. Tentman has big shoes to fill taking over J.K. Schaffer's old haunt at the Mike. But he has the ability to do just that. Doubly so now that he is getting some of his old explosiveness back.Regardless of how well Tentman plays, my guess is that he will play very well for what its worth, the fact that he is on the field at all is one of the better stories in college Football this year.

Trenier Orr is giving the Bearcats a ton of depth at corner back for this year. That's obviously a huge asset for the defense this year. Corner is probably the deepest position on the defense. The only individual position that really comes close is defensive end. The most interesting comment he has is about the difference between Kerry Coombs and Shannon Morrison

"We’re doing the opposite of what Coach Coombs taught us, but not in a bad way," he hurried to add. "It’s just two different coaching techniques."

It's OK trenier. You can say that Coombs coached the secondary like the high school coach he is. Its the truth.

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UC features prominatly among the premier games of the Big East season...Track and Field cleaned up at USF on Saturday...Pat O'Donnell still looks like he can wrestle a bear and win that's not a requirement for a Punter, but its a nice luxury to have....Alex Oriakhi is the most intriguing name on the transfer market this off season. How often does a starter from a national championship team transfer...Who knew that Isaiah Thomas would never work at FIU...oh thats right everyone knew...Georgia's president doesn't like the BCS's and their cushy little deal with the Rose Bowl...A different way to think about Anonymous