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125 for 125 | #125 Arch Carson


Over the last couple of days you might have noticed a lack of posting here at Down The Drive, and that is with good reason. As you may or may not know this coming season is the 125th season of Bearcat Football. In recognition of that we here at Down The Drive have compiled a list of the 125 best, most important and memorable Bearcats in the history of the program and will be counting them down leading up to the September 6th Season Opener with Pitt. This is no end all be all list, just one take on it intended more to start a conversation than end it. So without further adieu lets start the proceedings.

It only seems appropriate to start the list with the man often credited with starting the Football team, Arch Carson. Carson was the team captain and de facto coach of the first two teams and four of the first five squads. But his most lasting legacy to the program is an edifice currently visible on campus. Carson Field, the spot on which the Bearcats have been playing the game since 1901. It's Jimmy Nippert's Stadium, but it's Arch Carson's field.

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