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Bearcat Football Senior Week | 72 Even Davis

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I have to admit, I wasn't exactly the biggest fan of Evan Davis this off season. I had all kinds of lingering doubts about his ability to perform at the this level. Most of the doubting and negativity stemmed from one bad performance last year against Fresno State. Now that the season is nearly done I have to admit it. I was dead wrong about Evan Davis. Davis has been a rock for an offensive line that had progressed from complete and utter chaos to being a rock of stability for the offense as a whole. The numbers don't lie on season after giving up 33 sacks UC has only given up 17 so far in 2011. And the running game which was an afterthought, for years and years, has become the featured weapon, and the line has delivered with a vengeance and Davis has been a standout up front. So hats off to the local boy for proving me to be even more foolish than normal.