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Tommy tuberville Presser Notes

Yesterday while the rest of the world was working the media of greater Cincinnati gathered for tommy Tuberville's weekly press conference.

Jamie Sabau

-- Tuberville is expecting Deyshawn Bond to finally make his return to the team, as is Kevin Schloemer who missed the Ohio State contest with a concussion. That is a huge addition for the Bearcats this week against Memphis. The offensive line hasn't been a problem in the way that the defense has been. But the lack of healthy bodies has been disconcerting and it has really hurt the running game.

-- No word on Cory Keebler as he is still undergoing testing, but I would operate on the assumption that he is done for several weeks if not the year. When they bring out the cart to take a guy of the field its safe to assume that we won't see him for a while.

-- Adrian Witty will probably be back this week. Having him back will make the defense better, but there is only so much a player can do when he and his teammates are so routinely put in a position to fail.

-- Tubs says the Bearcats have played about four total quarters of defense in three games. I would comfortably estimate that he is overstating that by about four quarters

-- Anticipating a similar approach out of Memphis that the Bearcats have seen from Toledo, Miami and Ohio State. The Tigers will be without their leading rusher for the rest of the year.

-- Was really disappointed with the first down defense against Ohio State. Tackling is also a big issue.

-- His description of the Jarred Evans play called back is really interesting at the 7:30 mark and the history of the new triple option is also top notch

-- The sense of yearning for a running game, any running game at all is so visceral from Tubs. He would like nothing more than to run the ball 60 times a game and have the ball for 40 minutes. But say this about Tubs, he knows where the strength of this team is, its at quarterback and receiver, and he has no qualms about making them the focus.

-- Speaking of which he is just gushing about Gunner Kiel and his ability to wipe off any bad play. There are a lot of good things about the way that Gunner plays, but his footwork and focus are outstanding.

-- Interesting that Bond might end up playing some guard against Memphis. I would assume that means that Parker Ehringer could be spending some time at right tackle where Justin Murray has started the last two games and been pretty good.