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Donate To The Chamoda Kennedy-Palmore Memorial Fund

Help the family of Chamoda Kennedy-Palmore in this difficult hour.

Jamie Sabau

Last weekend the Cincinnati Bearcats family was struck with its second tragedy in as many years as walk on running back Chamoda Kennedy-Palmore was struck and killed while riding his motorcycle to practice. It was the second tragedy to befall the Bearcats program in as many years.

There is not a lot that we can do to change what happened. Chamoda lost his life far to soon and he will be among the Bearcats family in much the same way that we remember and memorialize the late Ben Flick. But what we can do is give what we can to help Chamoda's family as they go through this, the most difficult act imaginable, burying their child.

Following this link will take you to a gofundme page set up in the name of Chamoda. Give what you can to help this family as them go through the gauntlet of emotions in the coming days. It is the least that we can do.