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Bearcats and Buckeye's Gamethread

The Bearcats are going to be taking the field against Ohio State with heavy hearts. But this is a game that the Bearcats can win, no matter what the skeptics say.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It is not generally relevant to what I do with this website, but the fact is that I want this game. I want it very badly. I live in an area filled with nothing but Ohio State fans. People who view me as something of a lunatic for having the audacity to cheer passionately for the school that I graduated from over the Buckeye. To some that is nothing short of treason, and I would like nothing more than to exploit a UC win over the Buckeyes and to give them all a very hearty fuck off for a week or so.

This team can beat Ohio State, there is no doubt in my mind. The doubts are whether or not they can put together four full quarters of good football. That is something they have yet to do this year, and today would be a hell of a time to get that done. As always

Go Bearcats!