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February 16th Jump Off

Sorry for the late and abbreviated links post today. The real world conspired quite successfully to grab all of my attention this morning. Still, you have to push on and get shit done. Lets start with a piece of good news shining out from the swirling mass of anger, frustration and apathy currently hovering over UC athletics of late.

Chris Moore Parade All American:

This isn't new news, it was a couple of weeks ago, but this is the type of story you save for a rainy day. Still it isn't often that UC signs a Parade All American. So yea for that. Here is the complete roster for you perusal.

Louisville Ready For Beefy Cincinnati; Louisville Courier-Journal

UC fans could probably take a little umbrage at the characterization of UC as beefy. But upon further consideration we should all probably take collective ownership of that.

RealtimeRPI Likes UC: Louisville Courier-Journal

That headline is a touch misleading for my taste, the rest of it points out that the various computerized predictors are split on the outcome of tonight's game.

UC Has Another Shot At A Quality Win: Cincinnati Enquirer

A hint of stating the obvious, but well written none the less. It really is amazing how good the beat writing about UC can be when Bill Koch doesn't do it.

New Streetcar Route Unveiled By City: Cincinnati Enquirer

I know that the street car idea in and of itself is a bit of a lightning rod, but the seem to have put a ton a thought into the route.

The Hard Luck and Beautiful Life of Liam Neeson: Esquire

I really had no intent to pump Esquire by linking to their shit every day, but Liam Neeson is badass and the write good at esquire