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May 27th Jump Off

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Bearcat News

Hope and concern: Cincinnati - Big East Blog - ESPN
B-squared checks out Cincinnati's biggest hope and concern. Can't really disagree with both as word out of spring camp was that this team is gelling way more than last season as the players understand Coach Jones's system better. Unfortunately, depth is still going to be a key issue going into 2011.

Bearcat Breakfast 5.26.11
Paul Dehner weighs in on Brian Bennet's hope and concern for UC listed about. He compares other coaches from Year 1 to Year 2. It's important to note Rich Rod's improvement from 3 - 8 in Year 1 to 9 - 4 in Year 2. Rich Rod and Coach Jones run similar offenses so that improvement could be encouraging for UC in 2011.

Which Big East helmet is the best? - Big East Blog - ESPN
Bennett also gave UC's helmet a 'good-not-great' grade and docked the Bearcats some points for the all-white-completely-anti-school-colors 2010 Sugar Bowl helmets. I knew those would come back to bite us!

Bearcats Breakdown: Cashmere Wright | May
Following up his excellent article on Sean Kilpatrick, Scott over at Bearcats Blog hones in on Cash. As a sophomore, he emerged as a leader of the Bearcats to run the team's offense. In his junior season, that leadership will be all the more important as there isn't a clear backup behind him with Gelawn Guyn and Jeremiah Davis likely stepping into his shoes.


Kimbrow set to visit Cincinnati
Brian Kimbrow, a highly sought after RB from Memphis has Cincinnati in his top 5 and will take a visit to the campus.

La Salle’s Rodriguez Coleman a two-sport standout | Press Preps
Nice interview with Cincinnati Wide Receiver prospect Rodriguez Coleman. If he qualifies, he will be a major force for the Bearcats next season.

Derek Edinburgh, a big-time OT from Louisiana, almost played hoops instead - ESPN
Cool story on 2012 recruit Derek Edinburgh. He goes to the same school as Munchie (Edna Karr) and is an absolute mammoth prospect- 6'8" 330 lbs. So, his switch from basketball to football (although excelling at both) seemed natural. Here's to hoping Cincinnati can sign this kid.

Around the BEast

Big East Tournament Changes? |
When TCU arrives in 2012, the Big East basketball tournament will need to change it's structure. Should only the top-12 teams play in the Big East tournament or should there be a play-in game between the 16 and 17 seed? Frankly, I don't really care who wins between TCU and DePaul so I vote for a 12-team tourny.

Building a Big East super team - Big East Blog - ESPN
Busy bee Brian Bennett puts together a Big East super team based on positions at Big East schools. Not a single UC position group made his list. Definitely stings a little.

Pitt Blather Permalink » Big East Expansion Update/Round-Up
Lot's of questions and uneasiness coming out of the Big East meeting in Florida, all of which surrounding expansion, media deals, and a conference split.

For Big East, where is all this leading? - The Boston Globe
Mark Blaudschun at the Boston Globe discusses 3 possible scenarios for the Big East going forward.

Around the Nation

South Park Weighs In On The NCAA - From Our Editors -
Don't know if you watched South Park Wednesday night (or if you even watch South Park at all), but that was one that you should have caught, especially with all of the talk around potentially paying student athletes. Amazing satire in this episode.

Pac-12 may be looking at another $1 billion -
The Pac-12 is raking in the Benjamins and could get another $1 billion through the Pac-12 Media Enterprises. It certainly does hurt that the Pac-12 was aggressive and that they basically own the major markets on the Western half of the United States. While the Big East can't mirror the latter, being aggressive in their negotations next year won't hurt them.

Ex-Ohio State Buckeyes player Ray Small says he sold title rings for cash - ESPN
The shit just keeps piling up for O$U as former wideout Ray Small claims that he sold his conference championship rings as well as other O$U goods for cash. You wonder why the NCAA investigation on O$U is taking so long? It's because there's a TON of under-the-table crap like this that they are trying to uncover.

Divide might be coming, but which leagues will conquer? - NCAA Football -
Is a reorganization of college football coming when the current BCS contract expires in 2013? This guy says so. It's a crazy idea but, if anything, it also provides a pretty good read.