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More on the Devon Scott Commitment

Last night Devon Scott broke the news of his own commitment to UC on twitter.


Soon after everyone started dropping stories about it. Scott is something of an unknown in recruiting circles. He spent a couple of years basically as Jared Sullinger's understudy at Northland. But for all the attention and hype that surrounded the Vikings program the offers weren't exactly flying fast and thick at Scott. At the time of his commitment his offers came mainly from the likes of Akron, Miami (OH) and Wright State. While he had issues getting offers, he had plenty of attention.

The prevailing consensus is that Scott was about to blow up in terms of offers after a great spring on the AAU circuit. Here are some highlights from a recent (May 21st) AAU tournament. What I see is a guy who is literally a perfect fit Mick Cronin. From day 1 Mick recruited defense first and Scott with his athleticism, and strength will be a top shelf defender. He is decently skilled on offense, he can shoot a little bit, dribble a little bit and attack the basket alot. He is the type of big man that doesn't need the ball to be effective, he can operate outside the realm of the offense and still chip in with some gimme buckets. That's a Cronin style big man. Yancy Gates is an outlier, it seems like guys like Steve Toyloy are more of his comfort zone.  Links to his scouting profile(s) and some more highlights after the jump.



Here are some highlights from last seasons State Championship game loss to the Lancers of LaSalle (Mick Cronin is so proud of his Alma Mater)

And in something I have really never seen before a blow by blow account of Scott's visit to the UC campus.

There is a ton of stuff up on Scott's youtube channel so check it out if you get a chance.