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Vidal Hazelton, Armon Binns and Ben Guidugli Sign UFA contracts with NFL Teams

That took a while. Four full months latter than expected but three Bearcats have finally signed Undrafted Free Agent contracts with NFL teams. Armon Binns will be heading south, into the warm weather that he is on record as preferring signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Vidal Hazelton is heading back to Cali signing on with the San Diego Chargers and Ben Guidugli will be joining Mardy Gilyard with the St. Louis Rams. I think that Binns and Hazelton have pretty good chances to put together careers in the NFL. The road would appear to be a bit longer for Ben G. who doesn't have prototypical size for an NFL TE. But he does have a chance to stick as maybe an H-Back or even as a fullback. Best of luck to all three men as they chase their NFL dreams. Bearcat Nation is without a doubt behind them 100 per cent.