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Bearcat Bits For April 25

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College Football News has gone ahead and named Isaiah Pead the best value pick among running backs in the draft. The tricky thing about value is that it is in the eye of the beholder. Namely how general managers in the NFL feel about running backs who are innately suited to exploit the weaknesses of defenses in the area between the line of scrimmage and five yards down field from the tackle to the sideline.

That area is the only thing that comes close to being a free meal on the average NFL field of play against an average NFL defense. Isaiah has the tools to exploit that area ruthlessly, but the question remains just how much those skills are worth? Everyone will find out starting Thursday (more likely Friday)--

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someone was set the task of ranking the 50 best examples of college architecture. Unsurprisingly UC has four buildings included. Topping the list, CRC of course, because it leaks I presume...the Baseball team fell 4-1 at Xavier...Senior Volleyball player Missy Harpenau has been named greater Cincinnati College Sportsman of the year. Congrats are in order...USF is becoming 5 star retread Mecca. First Darrell Scott, then Chris Dunkley and now Aaron Lynch...San Diego State went ahead and squashed rumors of an Aztec defection from the Big East...sometimes USC is just cooler than other stuff...FIU is staying classy with this Dominique Ferguson situation...The SEC is on fire no, not that SEC--

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